have your low-carb cake and eat it too

About Goodbuy Sugar

A huge challenge for those living low-carb is tackling one’s lifelong love of sweets. At Goodbuy Sugar, we think it’s possible to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your health. We scour the planet for tasty sweets you can feel good about eating and, since 2014, we’ve been sharing our favorite “good buys” with you.

But we also hope to spark a mini culinary revolution. We want you to be able to partake, along with everyone else, when you are at restaurants, cafes, conferences, receptions, farmer’s markets, airports, or having tea in a remote village somewhere! So we’re building a platform for locating freshly-made offerings around the world, and encouraging businesses to make them available. What kind of innovation would we like to see? Many more options for the relatively “sugar free”…

“After I learned I was prediabetic, I found out how hard it was to reduce my carb intake—particularly sweets. I created low-sugar, low-carb alternatives at home, but it was still no fun to be out and about when everyone around me was eating dessert. I also missed sampling sweets while traveling as a way of tasting local culture and supporting small producers. I became obsessed with the lack of commercially available alternatives, especially given that both diabetes—and innovative cuisine—are skyrocketing worldwide, and so many consumers are emphasizing functional foods in their diets. In a world filled with so many sweets many of us are trying not to eat, I want visitors to GoodbuySugar.com to feel like kids in a candy store again. I enjoy the products we recommend while maintaining a normal blood sugar level.”

Annabel Hertz, Founder

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