If you, too, perused the blogs touting the “best summer desserts for diabetics” or similar, you probably found tons of recipes that contain only natural ingredients and no added sweeteners—yet packing plenty of sugar! That’s why Goodbuy prizes stocking up on the basics—specifically, alternatives that hit the sweet spot for cold fruit juice, crunchy cereal and ice cream. In our constant quest for what’s top notch, we found these beat-the-heat treats outshined the competition in both simplicity and satisfaction:

THIRST QUENCHING “JUICE” IN THE MORNING, OR ALL DAY. Rather than suffer while everyone sips fresh squeezed juices on their Instagrammed verandas, we recommend these  alternatives with outstanding flavor : BAI’s Molokai Coconut or Zambia Bing Cherry “juice waters” (for lack of a better term) or— if you prefer no caffeine—Vitamin Water Zero in Watermelon Peach, Strawberry Lemonade or Orange. (All except the Coconut are nicely tart as well as sweet.)

CRUNCHY CEREAL FOR BREKKIE—OR DINNER. What satisfies both thirst and hunger more than cereal with cold (almond or other, low-carb) milk? Whether you’re shunning breakfast pastries or craving a light dinner and/or eating solo, we love Catalina Crunch pea protein cereal in Cinnamon (or Graham, as a second option) most, followed by Nutrail’s (nut and seed based) Keto granola. Note: Keto cereals tend to be pricey but Costco helps (if you don’t want to make your own).

REFRESHING ICE CREAM (or yogurt) ON A HOT AFTERNOON OR WHENEVER. We’ve tried all of their flavors and find Enlightened’s “Light” ice cream in either Mint Chip (our fave) or Brownies & Cookie Dough (chocolatey and chewy) really hits the mark—and with a better nutritional profile than their “keto” line. Equally delicious, though with higher sugar (only 5grams, no added) and more carbs, Naia gets honorable mention for their frosty and super delicious Coffee Gelato bars. Finally, Danone’s Two Good yogurt, especially in tangy Meyer Lemon (Vanilla and Berry also good) is such a great alternative to standard yogurt: it’s not just low sugar but environmentally conscious!

We hope these suggestions can help make for a satisfying and healthy summer—the sweetest time of the year (figuratively speaking)!