Tanya Stallworth—along with her mother, Belinda, and her fiancée, James—started Keto Dessert Company (KDC) to make low-carb, zero-sugar lifestyles easier for people to follow, while addressing the increase of metabolic syndrome and other diet-affected diseases in the US.

“Ketogenic nutrition is a way of living that provides sustained energy and biological balance,” Tanya says. Seeing a huge gap in the provision of ‘grab and go,’ keto-friendly foods, Tanya and her family began KDC in San Diego, CA. in 2017. Tanya, who currently works in cancer research, lost a close friend to lung cancer in 2016. “I began to understand just how much diet can help fight cancer and other diseases. I hope KDC can help others adopt healthier lifestyles and prevent such diseases and loss.”

But Tanya also understood the challenge of giving up sweets. “Many find they do not have the time or ability to go buy the ingredients and make them at home. Often when starting a new diet, people are at a loss as to what to eat, and when they get that inevitable craving for sweets, they feel restricted in what is available,” Tanya says. “Ketogenic desserts allow people to indulge while keeping their health in the forefront—truly a feeling of freedom.”

The family—who bakes KDC’s muffins, cakes and other baked goods together—have also personally benefited from changing their diets. Tanya’s mother, Belinda, found that eating keto helped alleviate her fatigue and adrenal issues, and now convinces her friends to shift their thinking on health and diet too. Her fiancée, James, a trainer and amateur bodybuilder, followed a high-carb diet until he read Dr. Mauro D. Pasquale’s low-carb book, The Anabolic Diet. Expanding his knowledge on the science of ketogenic diets, he found that eating keto made a difference not only in his fitness, but in his Autism symptoms as well.

KDC only partners with companies that produce the highest quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients such as Lakanto, an Autism-approved monk fruit and Erythritol sweetener, and Swerve (Erythritol and oligosaccharides), which have proven to maintain healthy glucose and insulin levels that can assist in reversing Type II Diabetes and preventing other metabolic diseases.