Having struggled with some health issues that resulted in weight gain, Sari Stevenson found that eating keto helped her with insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue, as well as with her inflammation and weight loss, which greatly increased her energy levels. A major challenge of the diet was that she could not find low-carb, sugar-free and grain-free treats anywhere. So she and her husband, Bob, created The Keto Bakery Boxa home-based dessert business in Yorba Linda, CA.

First, I surveyed my community on Facebook to see if there was any interest, ” says Sari. “The response was tremendous!” While orders for desserts were initially sporadic at the launch, the business quickly scaled grace of social media—to the point where they often have to stop taking orders! Their customers, who order primarily on weekends, are about half repeats, half first timers. “We have people who come from over 60 miles away just to buy our bakery items,” says Sari. “We even have customers in Texas and Maryland who make a trip to us when they are visiting California.”

Both Sari and Bob still work at their full time jobs. Sari works for a chiropractor and is in the process of obtaining her clinical nutritionist certification and Bob is an environmental services field supervisor at Biola University. Sari bakes all day on her Thursdays off and, on the weekends, she and Bob get started at 4.30 am to meet demand. Sari says they work in tandem, as a close knit team, with Bob “washing the dishes…always a step ahead of me while I’m baking, making sure that I have what I need right in front of me, removing items from the oven, swapping out cookie sheets, etc. I would be lost without him!” Based on their success, Sari and Bob hope to open a brick and mortar café within the next two years.