I learned about the low-carb lifestyle only a short time ago, after doing what any digital native would do: I looked up #lowcarb on Instagram! As I’m based in Berlin, Sweet Kitcen was one of the first business results to appear. And I’m so glad. After drooling over their Instagram posts for weeks, I went to their address in Neukölln. which is actually an office—not a store or a café. In the back they have an area where they stock goodies for sale from their bakery and do their Instagram photoshoots. They were very friendly and patient while I ordered on site rather than in advance online. Their menu is extensive and so of course I had to sample a fair number of desserts, which come frozen and take a couple hours to thaw. My three absolute favorites were the Mari Cuja muffin from their summer sale, and the Bananakuss and the Mousse au Chocolat cheesecake muffins. (Note: all of their mini cheesecakes with a muffin base are are great!)

The Mari Cuja defied my expectations, I was afraid the passion fruit flavor would taste artificial but the bakers nailed it. The frosting was amazing: it tasted like real juice and hit that right combination of sweet and sour. The Bananakuss was a frosted muffin coated in chocolate. I don’t know about you, but I love desserts that get sorta messy when you break the shell to eat it. If you bite just right, you get a super soft muffin, a delicious banana cream and snappy dark chocolate all in one bite. If I could only have one dessert from the Kitcen, it would be this one. The Mousse au Chocolat cheesecake muffin tasted like regular mousse—nobody would be able to tell it’s low carb. The chocolate was the right level of of dark and perfectly fluffy. What I particularly liked about this one was the texture combination between the velvety mousse and the more cake-y muffin.

Every item at the Kitcen has outstanding texture without the cooling effects of some of the sugar alcohols used in many other low-carb sweets. My friends also give high marks to the lemon donut, the peanut chocolate cheesecake and the carrot cake muffin for satisfying without being overly sweet—though they note the Kitcen’s use of artificial sweeteners in their products. Tastewise, they found both the lemon in the donut and the peanut in the peanut chocolate cheesecake to be mildly tangy, and the carrot muffin to be pleasantly spiced and nutty. In addition to noting the subtly of Kitcen’s flavors, they were impressed by the achievement of a genuinely cake texture or a dense, creamy American cheesecake consistency, and a richness that allowed them to be very satisfied with small bites. We agreed that the best way to enjoy the sweets is to purchase several and have a tasting, perhaps paired with your favorite coffee or tea. How and whenever you like your sweets, a trip to the Kitcen is well worth your time!